Orchid Scholarship Foundation

Scholarship Benefits

Stating from 2015, all the scholarship recipients will be entitled to:

1. A scholarship certificate

2. A cash award of 2 million Vietnam Dong (an equivalent of S$122 as of May 14th, 2016)

This amount is able to cover basic tuition fees for a student for upto one year.

3. A meaningful gift book from Orchid Scholarship Foundation.

4. Free training during Orchid Workshops on how to get scholarships for studying abroad and how to study more effectively.

5. A ticket to join Orchid Alumni Network (ONA)

This allows students to get indirect benefits:

  • Advisory and mentoring for future career with oversea team
  • Receiving recommendation letters and supports in applying scholarships
  • Priority to get DPG Trust scholarships for entire 4 years of undergraduate in Vietnam