Orchid Scholarship Foundation

Board of Trustees

Phan Thien Nhan
Prof. Phan Thien Nhan

Honorary President

  • Workplace: National University of Singapapore (Professor)
  • Education: PhD (University of Sydney, 1979), Bachelor (University of Sydney, 1975)
  • Email: nhan@nus.edu.sg

Biography: Nhan Phan-Thien began his academic career in 1978 at the University of Newcastle, Australia. In 1991 he was appointed a Personal Chair in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sydney. He was the first Department Head of BioEngineering at the National University of Singapore, 2000-2004. He was elected to the Australian Academy of Science in 1999, and the European Academy of Science in 2002. He published more than 310 papers and four books. He was awarded the 2003 Centenary Medal by the Australian Governor General, for service to Australian society and science in Mechanical Engineering, the 1997 Gordon Bell Prize, for Parallel Algorithm in the Price-Performance category, by the Computer Division IEEE, the 1997 Australian Society of Rheology, the 1982 Edgeworth David Medal by the Royal Society of New South Wales.

Giap Van Duong
Dr. Giap Van Duong

Executive President

  • Workplace: GiapSchool (Director)
  • Education: PhD (Vienna University of Technology, 2006) Master (Chonbuk National University, 2002), Engineer (Hanoi University of Technology, 1999)
  • Email: giapvan@gmail.com

Biography: He was a postdoctoral researcher at Vienna University of Technology (Austria, 2006-2007) and University of Liverpool (UK, 2007-2010), prior to joining the National University of Singapore (Singapore, 2010-2012) as a research scientist. His areas of expertise consist of magnetic materials, material physics and nanophysics. In 2013, he returned to Vietnam to start his educational projects, including GiapSchool, Books4Experts and Books4Children and conduct transformative coaching programs for enterprises.

Vu Minh Khuong
Prof. Vu Minh Khuong

Board Member

  • Workplace: National University of Singapapore (Associate Professor)
  • Education: MBA and PhD (Harvard University), Bachelor (Hanoi University)
  • Email: sppkmv@nus.edu.sg

Biography: Dr. Vu Minh Khuong is an Associate Professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (National University of Singapore). His research and teaching concentrate on economic development and policy analysis. Dr. Vu received a BA in Mathematics from Hanoi University and an MBA and PhD from Harvard University. Professor Vu has published numerous articles in prestigious journals. His recent book, The Dynamics of Economic Growth: Policy Insights from Comparative Analyses in Asia, was published by Edward Elgar in November 2013. Professor Vu (together with Boyd Fuller) won the 2011 Best Article Award from the Public and Non-Profit Division of the Academy of Management (USA). He has also won the highest awards for research and teaching at the Lee Kuan Yew School: the LKY School Research Excellence Award (2012) and the LKY School Annual Teaching Excellence Award (2009 and 2011). He is an Editorial Board member of the journals Telecommunication Policy and East Asian Policy. (Source: http://lkyspp.nus.edu.sg)

Ngo Duc The
Dr. Ngo Duc The

Board Member

  • Workplace: University of Manchester (Research Staff)
  • Education: PhD (University of Glasgow, 2010), Bachelor (Vietnam National University, Hanoi, 2004)
  • Email: ndthe82@gmail.com
Biography: He worked as a research fellow at Vietnam National University, Hanoi (2004-2006 and 2010), Toyota Technological Institute (Japan, 2010-2011) and National University of Singapore (Singapore, 2011-2013). He is continuing his postdoctoral study at Technical University of Denmark (Denmark, 2013-now). His research interests include magnetic materials, nanophysics and electron microscopy. In 2013, he initiated the Science Summer School to inspire and support young Vietnamese researchers pursuing academic careers.
Luu Quang Hung
Dr. Luu Quang Hung

Board Member, Founder

  • Workplace: National University of Singapapore (Research Fellow)
  • Education: PhD (Kyoto University, 2012), Bachelor (Vietnam National University, Hanoi, 2004)
  • Email: luuquanghung@gmail.com
Biography: His experiences include a lecturer position at Vietnam National University, Hanoi (2004-2008), a doctoral fellow at University of Queensland (Australia, 2005) and a project researcher at Kyoto University (Japan, 2011-2012). He is working as a research fellow at National University of Singapore (Singapore, 2012-now). His areas of interest involve physical oceanography and fluid mechanics.

Former Members

Albert Antoine
Mr. Albert Antoine

Board Member

  • Workplace: Catalyst Maritime (Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific Region)
  • Education: Master (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Master (International Institute of Robotic and Artificial Intelligence of Marseille)
  • Email: albert.antoine@gmail.com
Biography: Albert Antoine arrived in Singapore in 1988 and set up a consulting firm, providing consulting services in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Subsequently, he set up ILOG, a global IT firm, with Asia Pacific regional headquarters in Singapore, and quickly grew the operation from one-person team to 120 people. The team covers the whole of Asia Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand. After the acquisition of ILOG by IBM, Albert set up his own firm providing strategy, management and business consulting for many leading US and European firms entering the Asia Pacific markets. In addition, he serves on the board of many portfolio companies advising them on management & marketing strategies as part of VinaCapital, a Private Equity Investment and Venture Capital firm located in Vietnam. Albert is also providing expertise and solutions in maritime domain management to countries across Asia, where he has been involved in many studies and installations of Integrated Maritime Surveillance Systems (Coastal Stations and Command Centers with AIS, Radar, day and night vision through IR Cameras) for Search & Rescue, Maritime Security, Environment, and Fisheries protection missions.