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Pho Thong Nang Khieu - Saigon

Pho Thong Nang Khieu, High School for the Gifted

Location: Saigon
Website: http://www.ptnk.edu.vn
Number of students: 1800;

Our partner: Mr Hoang Ngoc Hung, MSc, Vice-Principal.

Established in 1996, High School for the Gifted (HSG) is affiliated with Vietnam National University, Saigon and is a specialized high school for highly talented students in academic subjects such as mathematics, natural sciences, literature, and foreign languages. It is considered one of the best high schools in Vietnam, and one of the three most selective specialized high schools in Saigon, along with Le Hong Phong High School and Tran Dai Nghia High School. (Source: Wikipedia)

Source: Wikipedia wikipedia.org

Pho Thong Nang Khieu