Orchid Scholarship Foundation

Motivation & Core Values

Orchid Scholarship is a non-profit volunteering foundation that aims to promote education and the development of Vietnam via awarding scholarships to talented and passionate high school students from low income families. Transparency, effectiveness and sustainability are our core values.

Vietnam is a poor developing country. We, Vietnamese students in Japan, always raise a question: When will we reach the present developmental stage of Japan: 10 years, 20 years, or a century? Only young generations can answer this question. And education is almost the sole way to help youths to change their nation.

However, it is sad to admit that many good seeds are unable to grow up in an adequate environment due to educational stagnation and unfortunate circumstances. Many Vietnamese pupils are unable to attend school or devote time to studying because of various financial issues. The result is that they are not only unable to promote their actual abilities but also unable to realize their own dreams. As a consequence, Vietnam could waste skillful engineers, scientists, or economists; while we still have to maintain the unemployed.

Vietnamese students in Japan realize that they have responsibilities in association with this situation. We should involve in an aspect of educational transformation as soon as possible. From such views, we decided to establish a non-profit organization, called Vietnamese Sakura Scholarship Foundation, to enforce our wishes.

We focus on high-school students. High-school is a crucial transitional period for youths. This sensitive period can change their destiny, by either opening a gate to college or closing their promising future. Unfortunately, the high-school period is not well supported by both government and private institutions (in contrary to college period when students can receive various kinds of aids).

We aim for high-school students who have an excellent academic record and are ambitious from low income families. The scholarship amount is small but it is big in terms of spiritual encouragement in order to foster them pursuing their dreams